Ingkeu Ink is the first ladies tattoo studio with korean style in the heart of Bali (Denpasar City).
We love to do something aesthetic, cute, colorful, blackwork and beyond the mind.

Story Behind Ingkeu Ink

Most people underestimate someone who has a tattoo. “Criminals, Low-class, Rebels” – they said. Base on that statement, Ingkeu Ink came up with “AESTHETIC & CUTE STYLE” to bring out the positive vibe of tattoos. Just because we specialize in Aesthetic & Cute Tattoo Styles, of course we provide a female friendly tattoo studio.
Ingkeu means Ink in Korean.
And as we know Korean Style Tattoo is a new style in Tattoo World, but it is getting famous day by day.
Currently Ingkeu Ink is located in Denpasar, Bali City. But next year we will open our 2nd studio in Kerobokan and Canggu. Our dream is to open our 3rd and 4th studios in Ubud and Uluwatu soon.

Tattoo is Sexy,
Ingkeu Ink Team